How To Get A Record Deal (AudioBook)

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Legendary rapper, Slick Rick, is the voice for Wendy Day's highly acclaimed How To Get A Record Deal book.  Written by Wendy Day from Rap Coalition to educate rapper's, singers, and musicians about how to build a career in the music business by signing a contract with a record label.

Wendy and Rick have been good friends for many years, and when Rick heard there was a book to help artists navigate the music industry, he offered to be the voice of the audio book.  Wendy thought this was a wonderful idea as his voice is iconic and Slick Rick is a legend in the music industry.  "Not only is he a hero of mine, but he's a hero to many! Rick came into the music industry in the 1980s when there was no path, so he created the path," says Wendy Day.

"Wendy Day is one of the few people I've trusted in my career. She gives it to you straight, and she gets the job done.  We share a passion for helping artists excel," explains Slick Rick.

This digital mp3 version of the book will be emailed to you upon purchase.  You can listen to the audio book on any mp3 app, program, or player, or you can import it into your iTunes to listen to it.


  1. Who The Heck Is Wendy Day?
  2. Turning Music Into Money
  3. The Cold Hard Truth
  4. The Major Labels
  5. The Sub-Labels
  6. Types Of Record Deals
  7. 360 Deals
  8. Indie Labels
  9. Independent Record Labels
  10. Unsigned VS Indie
  11. What Labels Are Looking For
  12. The Current State Of The Business
  13. The Playing Field Is Leveled
  14. The Splintering Effect
  15. Cash Rules
  16. Greed Took Over
  17. 40 Is Not The New 30
  18. Selling Music In A Changing Economy
  19. Building Your Incredible Buzz
  20. Who Is Your Fan?
  21. Start With Great Music
  22. Target Area
  23. Time In
  24. Recording Contracts
  25. The Qualities You Need To Succeed
  26. Dedication